Non-Immigrant Visa Solutions: O-1 Visa

Business & Employment Immigration

The O-1 visa is a type of employment visa issued to foreign nationals who have demonstrated extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. This visa can be approved for up to two years. Extraordinary ability must be demonstrated by significant national or international acclaim. When the law says “significant international acclaim”, it is referring to awards such as the Nobel Prize (that is an example of the caliber of people who get these visas, but the Nobel Prize is not a specific requirement to get one).


An O-1 visa allows such a person to come to the United States to continue their work in their area of extraordinary ability. However, the position they are working in need not require someone of their extraordinary ability. So, if a job could be done by someone of lesser ability, that does not preclude someone from getting an O-1 visa, as long as the job is in their field of expertise.

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