Non-Immigrant Visa Solutions for Individuals

Family-Based & Individual Immigration

V- Visa
The V visa is given to family members (spouses, children and children of spouses) of permanent residents (green card holders).

VAWA relief applies to husbands, wives, parents and children. When a foreign-born relation of a U.S. citizen (and in certain cases Permanent Residents) has experienced extreme cruelty and abuse at the hands of the U.S. person, VAWA allows the foreign-born person to file a petition on by his or herself. If it is approved, then the VAWA applicant may be eligible to file for legal permanent residence.
U Visa
This visa/status may be available to victims (or survivors of victims) of certain crimes who have cooperated with law enforcement in the investigation or prosecution of the crime.
Tourist Visas

B-1 – Temporary business visitor to conduct activities of a commercial or professional nature.

B-2 – Temporary visitors for pleasure


Student Visas

F-1 –Academic students – Student visa for academic students

F-2 – Spouses and children of F-1 visa holders

F-3 – Canadian or Mexican national academic commuter students

M-1 –Vocational students – Students in vocational or other nonacademic programs, other than language training.

M-2 – Spouses and children of M1

M-3 – Canadian or Mexican national vocational commuter students


Exchange Visitor Visas

J-1 – Exchange visitors

J-2 – Spouses and children of J-1 visa holders


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